Teens And Birth Control: A Guide For Parents

In 2014, about 24 out of every 1000 teen girls between the ages of 15 and 19 became pregnant, according to The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. If you are the parent of a teenage daughter, this can be a hard statistic to face and if you are like some parents, birth control for your teen will become an important topic. While the idea of putting your child on birth control is often a subject of debate among parents, this is an effective way to keep your daughter from becoming a statistic. Here are a few of the biggest questions parents tend to have about putting their daughter on birth control.

Will your daughter have to visit a gynecologist for a pap smear before she can be put on birth control?

A pap smear was once a usual part of being put on birth control for the first time, but that is no longer the case. Now, your daughter will be given medical history questionnaire and her vitals will be checked, but in most cases, a pelvic exam of any kind will not be necessary until she turns 21. This is a big relief for parents who are concerned with trying to get their daughter to agree to birth control because she is apprehensive about the examination process, which can be intimidating at any age, but especially as an adolescent.

Will your daughter have to have your consent to be put on birth control?

If you are not so sure if you want your daughter on birth control, it is only natural that you would question whether she can get it without your permission. However, most states do allow teens to get contraception without having parental consent, even though there are some states that are trying to implement laws to forbid this action.

Are teens on birth control more likely to be sexually active?

There is no clear cut answer to whether teens who have access to birth control are more sexually active than teens who are not. However, teens who are on birth control are definitely much less likely to get pregnant if or when they do have sex. Remember that about 85 percent of young adults have been sexually active by the time they are 20-years-old.

The important thing to keep in mind about your teen and birth control is the fact that making sure she has access to contraception if she needs it could be one of the best decisions you ever make. Talk to a gynecologist if you would like to know more about putting your teenage daughter on birth control.

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